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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bio
  3. Dedication
  4. Poem 1 - Idea
  5. Poem 2 - Syntax
  6. Poem 3 - Loops
  7. Poem 4 - Boolean
  8. Poem 5 - Error
  9. Poem 6 - Achievement


Have... I failed?

This can’t be it.. No way

There has to be something I missed

                    something I overlooked

                    something I didn't consider

But no matter how hard I try

No matter what I do -

                     Fix the Syntax

                     Change the loops

                     And maybe even switch my boolean,

None of it works.

There’s no way past this

A feeling worse than discriminated death

Except death does no part in this

This was on you.

Explanation to Errors

Getting an error is probably the worst feeling you can have in programming. It can lead to wasted time in a project, giving you hours, and possibly even days off of a simple project. What makes it even more frustrating is your code could be working, and the result could not be what you intended for. I used this frustration in my poem to give it a morbid and sad tone. The poem is also formed to be a fill in the blank type matter so that any of those phrases work.