World.Execute(Poem) Found

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bio
  3. Dedication
  4. Poem 1 - Idea
  5. Poem 2 - Syntax
  6. Poem 3 - Loops
  7. Poem 4 - Boolean
  8. Poem 5 - Error
  9. Poem 6 - Achievement



Used in code, a requirement which requires repetition to complete

But in poems, when words want to repeat willingly

We use loops every day,

but in ways we don’t expect

I know of a word,

One to describe the flow of this poem

That reiterates the recollection of words recited,

And fully follows the feelings mentioned

“What word might it be?”, you wonder

Just read the poem from the beginning

Explanation to Loops

Loops are a process where an action is repeated until an ending condition is met. Loops is a poem that is intended not to end since the ending will take the reader back to the beginning. Since a poem can’t have an end condition, it is forced to repeat itself over and over. The poem explains the concept of a Loop, as well as use devices that repeat themselves to emphasize the point.