World.Execute(Poem) Found

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bio
  3. Dedication
  4. Poem 1 - Idea
  5. Poem 2 - Syntax
  6. Poem 3 - Loops
  7. Poem 4 - Boolean
  8. Poem 5 - Error
  9. Poem 6 - Achievement


A language far stronger than ours,

Yet speaks softly or not at all.

It conveys like English to them,

But remains like Chinese to us

And while the pen is the writer's sword

They have no pen, and only know what we tell them

How can a language be so quiet,

Yet yell at us harshly when we go wrong?

Or how is it that our program knows so little

Judge us for our little mistakes?

It sings its praises when we figure it out

And cheers us on as it communicates with its own.

Explaining its story,

Its purpose,

Its sorrows,

And its triumphs.

All in a dialect far stronger than any of us know

While using only, what we know.

Explanation to Syntax

The syntax is the formatting of your code. The unique thing about this is that all (programming) languages have a different way of syntax. The syntax is also one of the fundamentals when learning a new language since you can’t code without knowing how to form your commands. With this in mind, Syntax is formed to look like the Syntax of a common language, HTML. Syntax also uses the extended metaphor of world languages, since both contain similar aspects.