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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Bio
  3. Dedication
  4. Poem 1 - Idea
  5. Poem 2 - Syntax
  6. Poem 3 - Loops
  7. Poem 4 - Boolean
  8. Poem 5 - Error
  9. Poem 6 - Achievement


Ideas are the trees of programming

Starts with a seed of Inspiration

Nurtured with the help of others

Grown so carefully with proper planning and precision

That is an idea

Its branches always providing new paths and options

Its foundation, standing firm and unmoved

Its leaves, spread around to possibly influence others

Its life, long lasting until left unattended

Maybe one day I’ll have an idea like that,

One grown so big and successful

But, all I’ve grown is dead tree

Because every idea is my own


Idea talks about the start of a programmers code, its idea. The idea is an important part since a good idea will have more to improve on, while bad ideas lead to unfinished and unsatisfied projects. There must be a good support in every decision you make. Therefore, I used the analogy of a tree because thats how good ideas end up working. The alliteration in line 4 is intended to stress how much planning should be put into an idea, much like how much care should be given towards a tree.