The story starts as Chrom and the Avatar take part in a fight against Validar. After an awesome fight, Validar is crushed, just to get up and fire one final spell at them, yet the Avatar drives Chrom off the beaten path and is struck. As Chrom helps the Avatar up, who is apparently safe, they look as Validar vanishes, with Chrom glad to see that their fight was finished. Be that as it may, the Avatar starts to act peculiarly as their eyes sparkle red. Chrom tries to advise the Avatar to take a few to get back some composure of themselves, just to all of a sudden be cut by a lance of power from the Avatar. As Chrom falters back and tumbles from his injuries, he argues the Avatar to escape and guarantees them that it wasn't their blame. An icy chuckling fills the air, and the scene closes. Awoken by a voice, the Avatar is welcomed by Chrom and his more youthful sister Lissa. In spite of losing all memory, the Avatar can recollect Chrom's name and additionally their own, notwithstanding this being their first connection. Chrom and Lissa's retainer, Frederick, communicates some uncertainty in the Avatar's secretive starting points, previously Southtown is all of a sudden assaulted by crooks. Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick go to the town to suppress the assault. The Avatar takes after and uncovers their strategic learning and aides them through the fight. Toward the finish of the fight, Frederick keeps on throwing doubt in the Avatar, however Chrom feels an awesome measure of trust in them and asks that they join his Shepherds, a volunteer power of Ylissean warriors that safeguard Ylisse from their warring neighboring country, Plegia. That night, the gathering is assaulted by a progression of body fighters, however is at last saved by a strange covered man passing by the name of the Hero-King Marth. In the wake of being expressed gratitude toward for his assistance, Marth leaves, cautioning them that the fight was just a prelude of a more serious threat to come.

Ylisse-Plegia War

The following day, the gathering achieves Ylisstol, where the Avatar meets with Emmeryn, the Exalt of Ylisse and sister of Chrom and Lissa, thusly uncovering that the two are sovereignty. They are likewise formally acquainted with the greater part of alternate Shepherds at their private sleeping enclosure. Emmeryn has been educated of the new risk that Chrom, Lissa, and the Avatar confronted, now named the Risen. Notwithstanding, to exacerbate the situation, Plegia's persistent assaults goad her to look for assistance from their neighboring nation toward the north, Ferox. Chrom volunteers to take the Shepherds to Ferox to look for help. Notwithstanding some underlying questions of Chrom's powers, because of various assaults by Plegian desperados asserting to be Chrom, Ferox at last permits them gathering of people and the Shepherds meet the East-Khan, Flavia, who remorsefully can't help Chrom as she isn't the decision khan. Luckily, the competition to choose the decision khan is near, and Flavia undertakings Chrom in speaking to her to vanquish the West Khan, Basilio, and his own chosen champion. At the competition, Chrom's adversary is none other than "Marth", whom he figures out how to vanquish after an extreme battle. With Flavia presently administering the nation, she gives Ylisse the full help of the Ferox in safeguarding them from Plegia. In the wake of coming back to Ylisstol, they discovered that Maribelle has been grabbed by Plegian warriors and taken over the fringe, where the Mad-King Gangrel, leader of Plegia, claims that Maribelle was attacking his nation. Emmeryn endeavors to conference with Gangrel and his guide, Aversa, yet declines Gangrel's requests to be given the Fire Emblem in return. Regardless of a fruitful protect of Maribelle, Gangrel utilizes the occurrence to formally announce war against Ylisse, provoking Emmeryn to make preparatory move. Soon thereafter, Marth shows up in the Ylissean Castle to caution Chrom of a death endeavor against Emmeryn set to occur that night, asserting to have seen what's to come. He strikes down a snare endeavor against Chrom, utilizing it as a case of his aims. Abruptly, another shrouded professional killer shows up and Marth barely maintains a strategic distance from the strike. In spite of the fact that Chrom strikes the professional killer down, Marth's cover is demolished is uncovered that "Marth" is a lady. Be that as it may, Chrom isn't given much time to process this disclosure as a thunder originates from the stronghold as a little Plegian drive, drove by Validar, has set the death plot against Emmeryn energetically. Amid the fight, Validar sees the Avatar, yet is at last struck down and slaughtered by Chrom's powers. In a dim void, Validar's spirit is drawn closer by a dim figure calling themselves "Grima". In spite of the fact that near death, Validar still sticks to life and is restored by Grima for a more noteworthy reason. The death endeavor raises worry for Emmeryn's wellbeing, provoking Chrom, Frederick, and Phila to prescribe that she be moved from the capital for her own particular prosperity. While she reluctantly concurs, Emmeryn and the Shepherds have scarcely left the capital when news touches base from Cordelia that Ylisstol has been assaulted by Plegia. Understanding the desperation of the circumstance, Emmeryn endows Chrom with the Fire Emblem before making a beeline for Ylisstol for one final endeavor at conferring with Gangrel. The Shepherds are compelled to withdraw to Regna Ferox where news comes in that Ylisstol has fallen. To exacerbate the situation, it is likewise detailed that Gangrel has caught Emmeryn and plans on executing her freely in a couple of days in Plegia. With no opportunity to save, Chrom's powers rapidly make a beeline for Plegia and in the long run influence it to Plegia To stronghold. Gangrel offers one final proposal to give up the Fire Emblem or watch Emmeryn bite the dust. Chrom denies both and about prevails with regards to saving Emmeryn. Be that as it may, their safeguard exertion drove by Phila is struck down instantly when Aversa summons Risen bowmen who kill the Pegasus Knights. Seeing that the Fire Emblem is too valuable to provide for Gangrel, Emmeryn readily throws herself from the precipice over the stronghold. Emmeryn's forfeit causes awesome sadness among the Shepherds, who are compelled to withdraw. In the background, "Marth" regrets that in spite of her endeavors, history is as yet continuing in comparable mold. Regardless of the devastating thrashing and their inability to spare Emmeryn, Chrom and the others settle themselves to battle on, in spite of their misfortune. Be that as it may, Emmeryn's forfeit starts to affect the Plegians, causing mass renunciations of the Plegian troopers who have lost the will to battle Ylisse in the wake of hearing Emmeryn's words. With the Plegian armed force extremely debilitated, Chrom battles Gangrel one final time at Border Wastes. Through the Avatar's strategies and the help of the Shepherds, Chrom closes the Mad-King's oppression by supposedly slaughtering him in fight. The Ylisse-Plegian war closes with the rest of the Plegian powers surrendering. With the demise of Emmeryn, Chrom rises the honored position and turns into the new Exalt. Amid this period, Chrom is formally hitched (either to the female Avatar, Sully, Sumia, Maribelle, Olivia, or an anonymous town lady). He likewise turns into the father of an infant little girl, Lucina, who bears the Brand of the Exalt in her left eye.

Valm's Conquest

Two years after the Ylisse-Plegia War, amid an undertaking to Ferox, Chrom learns from Virion, a man that he had met the first time Risen showed up and has since joined the Shepherds, that he is the duke of a nation called Rosanne in the mainland of Valm. He and his retainer Cherche illuminate Chrom that the nation of Valm, having an indistinguishable name from the landmass, had been driven by Walhart the Conqueror, who bound together the whole land. Since Valm was under his control, Walhart set his sights on Ylisse also, and soon his officers will have achieved a port in the western area. This turns out to be thus, and Valm requests only unequivocal surrender from Ylisse, and makes a case of any individual who might state generally, slaughtering a honest townsperson that attempted to prevail upon them. The Shepherds battled and crushed them, yet they had been only the vanguard, and numerous more would soon arrive. Constrained into another war against an effective domain, Basilio proposes that they get help from Plegia, who have warships and gold to use that would enable Chrom and the others to fight Valm in the ocean and achieve their territories to attempt and stop them. Regardless disliking it, Chrom chooses to attempt and consult with the new lord of Plegia, who happens to be none other than Validar, who by all methods ought to have been executed in the fizzled endeavor to kill Emmeryn amid the last war. Shockingly, Validar is more than liberal with Chrom, as he gives 800 warships and 200 transports, and was ready to completely finance the battle against Valm, however would not have the capacity to give officers because of the last war. In any case, Chrom got more than satisfactory help, and acknowledged. Validar at that point presents the hierophant of Plegia, a man who is uncovered to be the spitting picture of the Avatar, and even has an indistinguishable name from them. In spite of this, Chrom can't find any solutions, because of time being of the embodiment. Later on, amid the night when they were on Carrion Isle, the Avatar experiences difficulty dozing and afterward soon experiences Validar, who anticipated himself into the Avatar's brain, and made a stunning disclosure: the Avatar was Validar's youngster. Validar endeavored to persuade Avatar to leave the others that serve Naga and come back to him, however their discussion couldn't proceed as Chrom arrived, driving Validar to leave the Avatar's psyche. the Avatar addresses Chrom and is startled at the possibility that they may be Validar's tyke, and they are suspicious that the hierophant may be the Avatar's twin. Be that as it may, they are then trapped by Risen, whom they think was sent by Validar. Subsequent to enduring the snare, Chrom is almost executed by a sudden Risen that showed up out of the blue, just for "Marth" to arrive, calling Chrom "father", before ceasing the unexpected assault, constraining the Risen to get away. Befuddled by "Marth" calling Chrom "father", Chrom wishes for answers, and "Marth" demonstrates to him the appropriate response by influencing him to see at her, where her left eye has the Brand of the Exalt, indistinguishable to his infant daughter's. Chrom at last understands that "Marth" is in certainty a more established Lucina, which bodes well when she conveys the indistinguishable Falchion. Lucina uncovers that she is from the future, over 10 years after the fact, where the Fell Dragon Grima had been revived and had destroyed to the world. Lucina had in reality ventured to the past, alongside mates who are the offspring of different individuals from the Shepherds, to attempt and prevent the arrival of Grima from happening. As Lucina joins their gathering, they make their voyage to Valm and attempt to take in additional about the future from Lucina. Lucina clarified that she trusted that halting Emmeryn's death was sufficient to turn away the emergency, yet clarifies that time basically figured out how to make her passing still happen. She additionally clarifies that while she never saw Chrom's demise, she gained from bits of gossip that Chrom was in reality deceived by his dearest companion. This made the Avatar encounter a mellow cerebral pain, before Lucina proceeded on why she picked the name "Marth", the reason being that she wanted to hold a bit of the quality that the Hero-King once had, yet was presently made plans to come back to her unique name, the name given to her by her folks. They are then educated that a Valmese armada is moving toward them, with rise to measure of boats, however tremendously unrivaled number of fighters. Be that as it may, on account of the Avatar's brisk reasoning, they figured out how to destroy the armada without agony losses, put something aside to lose their very own large portion ships. In the wake of achieving Valm, they keep running into Say'ri, a swordswoman that was being pursued by Valm officers. In the wake of sparing Say'ri, they discover that she had been endeavoring to frame a Resistance that would help vanquish the Valmese Empire, yet she can't bind together them in light of how the dynasts are regulating their own motivation. That, as well as the Valmese Empire charges over a million men, much to everybody's stun. Be that as it may, Say'ri states that the accomplishments from Chrom and the Shepherds with wrecking the Valmese armada spread incredible motivation among the majority. Moreover, Say'ri likewise had a thought, which included sparing Tiki, who is loved as the Divine Dragon Naga's prophet, and sparing her from Valm's grip would join the Resistance around her. Entering the Mila Tree, they figure out how to spare Tiki, who stirs from her sleep, and mixed up Lucina for Marth, because of their comparative appearances and outfit. She at that point educates them such Grima's reality drive was becoming more grounded, and others were endeavoring to restore him, and in this manner Chrom must play out the Awakening, and to do that, Chrom must place the fIve Gemstones: Argent, Azure, Gules, Vert, and Sable, which were scattered amid the Schism 1000 years earlier, with Chrom being in control of Argent, while Tiki held Azure. To acquire Vert, however, they need to vanquish Walhart, as Vert was in Chon'sin, Say'ri's home that Walhart won. Because of their main goal, they center around endeavoring to overcome Walhart's powers. They choose to attempt and seize Fort Steiger with a little, tip top squad, while most of the armed force is sent toward the northern and southern zones to divert Walhart and Say'ri's sibling Yen'fay, who had agreed with Walhart regardless of Walhart's activities. Chrom and his partners penetrate the fortification, however much to their stun, their Resistance partners had wound up favoring Walhart, as Excellus, Walhart's strategist, had utilized devious strategies, for example, debilitating them or their families, terrifying them enough into turning on them. In spite of as yet taking Steiger, Chrom's armed force was in threat of being flanked from the two sides, as whatever is left of their powers were pulverized by Walhart and Yen'fay, and a large portion of the survivors had joined the foe's positions. This leads the Avatar to recommend that they withdraw promptly, as the turncloaks that encompassed them deceived out of dread for the realm and would not put excessively solid of an exertion, making it impossible to stop them. In the mean time, they would need to take out either Yen'fay or Walhart, however for it to succeed, they have to assault both, where one pioneer would take a little power to look against Walhart's powers to purchase time while Chrom would attempt and assault Yen'fay. Basilio volunteers for the mission to lead the little gathering to confront Walhart, yet Lucina tries to stop him, as she clarifies that later on, Basilio kicks the bucket in the battle against Walhart, killed by the Conqueror himself. In spite of her challenges, Basilio still goes, with Flavia close by. In the fight against Walhart's powers, Basilio faces Walhart, and with two strikes, Basilio was about brought down, scarcely ready to hold tight, gaining Walhart's acclaim for surviving in excess of a solitary strike. As Walhart moves to assault once more, Flavia bounces in and helps hinder an assault, allowing Basilio to convey a capable strike, just for Walhart to hit back with significantly more prominent power, vanquishing Basilio. Vanquished and in close passing, Basilio rapidly gives Flavia the Gules Gemstone and advises her to escape with it and offer it to Chrom. Regardless of not having any desire to abandon him, Basilio figures out how to get Flavia to obey and escape the fight. In the interim, the Avatar devises a procedure to confront Yen'fay while keeping the Resistance from assaulting them too, by going on the dynamic well of lava in Demon's Ingle. There, they make their remain against Yen'fay, where he is vanquished and slaughtered. In any case, Excellus uncovers himself and states that Yen'fay had in actuality agreed with the Empire for the sole reason for securing Say'ri, whom Excellus could have murdered at any pulled out yet didn't in light of Yen'fey's fidelity, a reality that decimates Say'ri. Despite the fact that she appeared to have lost expectation, the Avatar persuades her that the battle was not yet finished. Pausing for a minute to rest, they discover that Basilio had been murdered, similarly as Lucina had expressed he would. Flavia clarified what happened and furthermore gave Chrom the Gules Gemstone, in this way influencing Chrom to have three out of five. They at that point advance toward confront Walhart in the capital. Regardless of Excellus certainty that the Resistance would deal with Chrom and the others for them, the inverse happens. After Walhart is compelled to withdraw into his royal residence, the southern dynasts rally under Chrom, as they had discovered that Yen'fay had died, his passing acting in a way like Emmeryn's forfeit, as it was Yen'fay they had genuinely dreaded, not Excellus. Walhart makes his last remain in his castle as he faces against Chrom and the Resistance. Regardless of Chrom endeavoring to persuade Walhart that there were different ways other than constrain, Walhart would not be hindered, in this way compelling Chrom to fight and annihilation him. With Walhart's annihilation, Say'ri can recover the Vert Gemstone and present it to Chrom, in this way having accumulated four Gemstones, with just Sable being the staying one, which took place in Plegia.

The World's End Fate

In the wake of coming back to Ylisse, Chrom is later given a message by Validar that they would give Chrom the Sable Gemstone if Chrom somehow managed to visit them. In any case, Chrom doesn't trust that Validar is coming clean, yet picks to keep the Fire Emblem with him as it would be more secure with him than anyplace else. As they enter the Plegian Castle, the Avatar sees that Validar has arranged a snare against them, uncovering the ruler's goals. Validar at first tries to talk formally, however when Chrom surges him and Lucina speaks, Validar uncovers his genuine nature and requests that Chrom give him the Fire Emblem. The Avatar figures out how to enable them to avoid, having an escape course arranged before, yet as they neared the ways out, Validar captures them and harms Chrom. Validar at that point by one means or another takes control of the Avatar and powers him to take the Fire Emblem from Chrom, regardless of the Avatar's endeavors to stand up to. With the Fire Emblem in his grasp, Validar places the Sable Gemstone in the Emblem and consequently finishes it, before advancing toward the Dragon's Table. Embarrassed and alarmed by their activities, the Avatar can't believe themselves, however Chrom tries to guarantee them that the Avatar can oppose Validar's endeavors to control them, yet the Avatar was uncertain, as Lucina observes quietly. Later on, Lucina addresses the Avatar alone and discusses her past with Chrom and how she would successfully guard him, which the Avatar consents to, yet much sadly, Lucina focuses her Falchion at the Avatar, and proclaims that the Avatar needed to pass on, as it was them that had slaughtered Chrom later on. Lucina concedes that while she was careful about the Avatar in the first place, she understood that the Avatar would really never mean to hurt Chrom because of the intense bond the two shared, however perceiving how Validar could take control of the Avatar made it clear that it was Validar that constrained the Avatar to murder Chrom. Along these lines, to secure their future and guarantee that the awfulness of her future was deflected, she needed to execute the Avatar, where the Avatar can acknowledge or dismiss Lucina's judgment. On the off chance that the female Avatar is Lucina's mom or the male Avatar is Lucina's better half, paying little mind to the choice, Lucina can't proceed with slaughtering them, as she adores them excessively. In the event that the Avatar is neither of those, at that point Chrom will prevent her from executing the Avatar or preventing the two from going into a demise fight, having been tuning in on their discussion. Chrom guarantees Lucina that the bond he imparted to the Avatar was unbreakable, as they were two parts of one entire, and they could conquer their fate, to which Lucina had confidence in those bonds, and approaches the Avatar for pardoning. At the Dragon's Table, they see numerous individuals who seem, by all accounts, to be in a stupor, before the gathering goes up against Validar and Aversa. The two clarify that everything that Chrom and the others did were constantly bound to happen: from crushing Gangrel to vanquishing Walhart. Notwithstanding ceasing the death of Emmerym was only deferring the inescapable. That, as well as mindful of Grima's arrival and planned to stop it, so Validar and Aversa plotted from the two sides by partnering Plegia with Ylisse to crush him, and goaded Excellus to demolish the Valmese Empire from within should Ylisse fizzle. Aversa at that point summoned the Deadlords to defer Chrom as Validar plans. Having gotten through Aversa's powers, Chrom and the Avatar defy Validar, where Validar uncovers precisely what the Avatar was: the Avatar was conceived from Validar and was the just a single to have had sufficiently unadulterated Fell Blood to have the Heart of Grima, where the Avatar would fill in as Grima's vessel as a portion of the energy of the Fell Dragon rests inside the Avatar. Be that as it may, the Avatar was spared by their mom when they had been an infant by taking them away one night, and Validar had been unsuccessful in finding the Avatar since, as of recently. In spite of overcome with dread and uncertainty, Chrom's words influenced the Avatar to hold fast and face Validar. The fight played much like the fantasy that the Avatar experienced before they had been found by Chrom. In the wake of vanquishing Validar, everything played precisely as the fantasy did, with Chrom being struck around a had Avatar. As Lucina loses hope at how she neglected to transform anything, Basilio arrives out of the blue, uncovering to have been alive the whole time. Lucina's notice had influenced Basilio to play dead after his thrashing against Walhart, as opposed to stand and battle as his pride would have constrained him to. While Validar didn't appear to mind as Basilio can be executed now, Basilio at that point uncovers something different: Validar had been deceived. The Avatar had just anticipated those occasions in a fantasy, and when the Avatar saw Flavia give Chrom the Gules Gemstone, the Avatar comprehended that the Fire Emblem shouldn't be finished against Validar. Validar challenges Basilio's false front, as he had been watching Chrom and his armed force since Carrion Isle, however Basilio uncovered that Validar's government agents could just monitor the living individuals, not the dead, to be specific Basilio. Therefore, the Fire Emblem in Validar's grasp was never total, as at least one of the Gemstones had been exchanged with falsifications by Basilio, much to Validar's fierceness. Validar endeavored to contend that predetermination was as yet an unchangeable reality as Chrom was dead, yet unexpectedly, Validar pivoted and was struck by a spell from the Avatar, injuring Validar, while Chrom got up, uncovering to have made due as the Avatar had figured out how to control themselves sufficiently long to debilitate the energy of the spell used to strike Chrom. Enraged, Validar makes his last remain against the Shepherds, however was at last brought down for good. In any case, the hierophant that was indistinguishable to the Avatar rose, and uncovered a stunning truth: they are a similar Avatar, however from the future that Lucina originated from, the one that had killed Chrom because of ownership by Grima. Grima clarifies that in the wake of discovering that Lucina and her buddies returned in time, Grima understood that on the off chance that they prevented Grima from being revived before, they would stop to exist, so they returned in time too. After Grima landed back in time, they endeavored to empty their recollections into their present self, yet the Avatar's Heart of Grima was excessively powerless at the time, making it impossible to contain it, and in this way brought about the Avatar losing their recollections. The migraines and voices that the Avatar had been hearing on occasion were Grima's work also. Grima at that point uncovered that they had restored Validar in those days after he had been crushed from his death endeavor. Though baffled by the Avatar's decision to not turn into the mythical serpent's vessel, Grima chooses to restore the Grima of the present by utilizing the existence power of the human penances prepared for him in the Dragon's Table. As both Grimas showed up, and Lucina appeared to lose all expectation, Chrom and the others understood that the main possibility of vanquishing Grima was to play out the Awakening, however the Fire Emblem was lost when the Dragon's Table fell. In any case, the Avatar arrives and uncovers the Fire Emblem that they had stolen back, with the finished arrangement of Gemstones that shined with control when in Chrom's grasp. With the finished Emblem, Chrom and his gathering advances toward Mount Prism, where they would play out the Awakening. In spite of the fact that Grima sent some Risen powers to stop them, they were immediately dispatched, and Chrom entered the remnants where the Awakening custom would be performed. There, Chrom starts the custom and as he is washed in Naga's heavenly blazes, and Chrom's feelings demonstrate more grounded than the fire he is immersed in, in this manner finishing the custom. Naga at that point develops, where she opens the full energy of Falchion. Notwithstanding, Naga uncovers that even with it, they would not have the capacity to slaughter Grima, as neither she nor Grima were divine beings, having neither the energy of making nor unmaking, and that neither can devastate the other absolutely. Rather, the Exalted Falchion would just put Grima to rest for an additional 1000 years, should they strike Grima subsequent to debilitating the Fell Dragon first. Chrom inquires as to whether there was an approach to murder Grima for good, not having any desire to put the weight of taking care of Grima to the who and what is to come, yet Naga clarifies that the main power that can play out that would be Grima's own, which was obviously an inconceivability. Naga at that point clarifies that they should go to Origin Peak, where Grima was at. As the gathering advances there, Naga advises them that she can't murder Grima, to which the Avatar completes that she can just seal him. Naga affirms this, and called the Avatar "Fellblood", because of the Avatar having power like Naga's own, and knowing about the Avatar's sources. The Avatar at that point understood that on the off chance that they and Grima were one and the same, at that point if the Avatar were to execute Grima, at that point it would be the same as being murdered by Grima's own particular hand. Hearing that, Chrom understands that they can end the fight finally, however Naga cautions them that a wonder such as this would have desperate outcomes: in light of the fact that Grima and the Avatar are connected to such an extent, murdering Grima like that would definitely slaughter the Avatar too. In spite of the fact that she includes that the bonds that the Avatar manufactures can restore the Avatar to the mortal plane, the chances are little to the point that the Avatar was probably going to stop to exist. Understanding the cost to execute Grima, Chrom instantly dismissed the thought, not having any desire to forfeit Avatar by any stretch of the imagination, and tries to motivate Avatar to guarantee him that they won't forfeit themselves, to which the Avatar can consent to or not. They are then faced by Aversa, who makes her last remain to defer them, and as retribution for murdering Validar. As she faces them for the last time, she is soon vanquished, and the Fell Dragon develops. In spite of how it appeared to be difficult to try and know where to strike Grima because of its grand size, Naga clarifies that Chrom must strike at the scruff of the neck, where Grima is powerless at, yet Grima will have powers prepared to secure that region. Naga offers to send everybody onto the Fell Dragon's back for their last fight. After Naga transports them onto Grima's back, Grima quickly utilizes their energy to basically twisted everybody in a moment. Grima at that point addresses the Avatar by making a physical indication of the Avatar's frame. In the wake of deriding them, Grima at that point offers the Avatar an opportunity to save them if the Avatar were to end up one with the Fell Dragon. Despite the decision, Grima had no aim of saving Chrom and the others, before Grima drags Avatar into a void, where the Avatar would be consumed into the Fell Dragon. Regardless of endeavoring to oppose, the Avatar turns out to be gradually devoured by the haziness the Fell Dragon released on them. Debilitated, the Avatar starts to give up, however the hints of Chrom and the armed force punctures the murkiness, rousing the Avatar to stand up yet again and battle back. Free from the Fell Dragon's shrewd, the Avatar breaks free from the void and rejoins the armed force. Naga at that point utilizes her forces to reestablish everybody's qualities, as they at that point confronted Grima and the armed force of Risen that Grima released. Through an extraordinary and overwhelming fight, Grima is at long last debilitated, with Chrom planning to complete Grima off. The Avatar is compelled to settle on a definitive choice of whether to permit Chrom put Grima to rest, or to forfeit themselves to always execute Grima. The decision will trigger one of two endings.

The Two Endings

Grima Sealed

The Avatar enables Chrom to complete Grima off, hence Grima comes back to rest for an additional 1000 years. In any case, the Avatar will lament the choice, regardless of being guaranteed by Chrom (and the Avatar's potential life partner and kid). Chrom promises that they will keep on working together to safeguard peace over the world and when Grima in the long run returns in 1000 years, another armed force will be prepared to seal him afresh.

The Avatar's Sacrifice

The Avatar decides to end Grima once and for all, and channels Grima’s power and creates a dark energy sphere. As Grima questions the Avatar's choice, they thank Grima for their connection as it gives them a means to end him permanently. The Avatar launches the spell at the manifestation of Grima, killing the dragon alongside the vessel. Back on Origin Peak, the Avatar begins to fade away. They thank Chrom and the others for the time they spent together before they finally vanish from existence. The army is left to mourn for the Avatar, but Chrom reminds them that their bond with the Avatar will bring them back. The army agrees and vows to return to their respective countries and rebuild while they await the Avatar's turn. Some time passes and Chrom and Lissa journey around the world, looking for the Avatar. Eventually they find the Avatar lying in a grass field, much like when they first met. This time, the mark on the Avatar's hand is gone and Chrom welcomes them back and tells them that their ordeal is all over.



Main Character (other than the player) who has a personal army known as the Shepherds


Villain in the first half of the game


Time traveling character who warns of an alternate future in the game